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In addition to my photography and web design work, I am a physician with many years of experience in the field of online patient-doctor communication. I have authored a number of articles on this subject, as well as a book on medical practice Web sites. I have served as the Internet editor for the AMA journal Archives of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. I have also chaired the technology committees of the national ear, nose and throat physician's Academy (AAOHNS) and the national organization for pediatric ENT physicians (ASPO).

Web design is challenging because it demands both visual appeal and logical organization. A good Web site is pleasing to the eye and communicates information in a clear manner. While the modern Internet provides a wide variety of multimedia options, there is still no substitute for clean design, straightforward navigation and intriguing, professional images.

I provide the photographic images for most of my online work, which streamlines the process of site creation and allows me to have better control over the final product. Feel free to contact me at any time to discuss web development or photography projects.

- Michael Rothschild